Roofing is the most vital part of our house and premises, giving us, our families, and loved ones protections from any season through night and day, through extreme temperatures and season – rain, hail, snow, and even when the sun is scorching hot. A roof can sustain for how many years; some can take up to 50 years to a century depending on what type of roof and how well you maintain it. 

That is why you mustn’t ignore the signs of your roof for possible damage especially if your roof has already aged; it might lead to more damage and can cost you a lot if you disregard the signs of your roof. 

Here are some warning signs you shouldn’t disregard: 


  1. Age of your roof 

 Yes, a roof can give be your protection through all seasons and gives you comfort from extreme temperature, as time goes by, as we age, our roof too. It is very important to take note of the age of your roof. Even if it looks good from the ground, you don’t know there might be underlying damage in it, you can contact the roofing contractor in your nearby area for safety and assurance because you don’t know there is some part that is already damaged and can cause a serious incident. For Hawaii’s best roofing contractor, you can reach out  to Kona roofing for your roofing maintenance, they have all the safety equipment and trained professionals to inspect and maintain your roof. 


  1. There is leakage on your roof 

Leakage can be a sign of a bad roofing problem. If the water already leaks inside your home, it might be a cause of a serious problem in your roof. A lot of homeowners just ignore the small leakage in their homes, but they don’t know even a small leakage can lead to a more serious problem above. You can also check in the attic, a lot of cases for leakage starts in the attic. You can check in the roof if there is missing or broken shingles, mold, and rot. This is how important roofing maintenance is, it is advisable to schedule roofing maintenance even once per year. 


  1. Missing, Curling, or Brittle Shingles 

Leaking roof may be a result of a missing or curling or brittle shingles; it might be due to a bad or extreme weather condition that causes your roof to be missing or brittle, or another reason could be because your roof has aged; it is pretty normal to have a brittle or curling roof if it is already reaching to its threshold but you should take immediate action in replacing these missing shingles or brittle shingles, if not, it can lead to a more cost which is overall roof replacement, replacing your roof can be very stressful, from selecting what types of roof, a contractor needs to hire and thinking of the budget could be very stressful too, especially when you least expect it. 


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