If you own a house that has an HVAC system, you want it to be in excellent condition every time you use it. If you want this to happen, you will have to guarantee that your unit is maintained by a professional HVAC repair technician.

As a homeowner, you might have heard or read a couple of things about HVAC systems that are not completely true. These things are known as myths. You should not believe them. Some of the most common HVAC myths are “regular maintenance is not necessary” and “it’s always better to have a bigger system”. 

If you believe these myths, you might end up hiring an air conditioning repair North Port company to fix the problems that these myths have caused.  

You Do Not Have to Regularly Change the Filters 

Keep in mind that a dirty filter will clog your whole HVAC system. This will lower quality and airflow. In addition to that, your unit will also struggle to provide you comfort. This will reduce its lifespan. You’ve got to ensure you change the filter every 90 days. While it might be necessary to do it every 45 days. This depends on how you run your system.  

Regular Maintenance Is Not Needed 

You will require your HVAC system to be evaluated by an expert HVAC technician. You need to do this at least once a year. Ignoring proper maintenance or doing this job on your own is not advised. If you do, you are voiding the warranty of your HVAC system. With expert maintenance, you will lower the risk of possible problems that will be extremely costly to fix if not handled properly. 

It’s Better to have a Bigger HVAC System 

It is very crucial to select the unit that is the correct size for your house. Unfortunately, choosing an HVAC unit is not as easy as purchasing the largest one available for your house. Selecting a bigger system does not mean it can cool or heat a room more efficiently. It will probably stop and start too frequently in an effort to maintain a constant temperature. This can greatly affect the lifespan of the unit down the line.  

Buying an HVAC unit that is too big for your house will also make it harder to manage the humidity. Rather than going for the biggest available system, you should hire a professional HVAC technician first. They can help you look for a unit that is the right size. Choosing a unit with the correct size will offer the ideal performance for your house.  

It’s Okay to Have Mismatched System 

A lot of professionals suggest having your replacement properly matched if you are planning to replace your split HVAC system. If you decide to replace only half of the system, it can result in expensive repairs in the future because of premature failure caused by mismatched parts. Also, having a mismatched HVAC system is not suggested since it will not run as efficiently as a matched system.